Adult Discipline Disorder

So let me share this with you...
Dusty Nash, an angelic looking blond child of 7, awoke at 5 one recent morning in his Chicago home and proceeded to throw a fit. He wailed, he kicked, every muscle in his 50 pound body flew in furious motion. Finally, after about 30 minutes, Dusty pulled himself together sufficiently to head down stairs for breakfast while his mother bustled about the kitchen, the hyper kinetic child pulled a box of +KiX Cereal from the cupboard and sat on a chair. But sitting still was not in the cards this morning. After grabbing some cereal with his hands he began kicking the box, scattering little round corn puffs across the room. Next, he turned his attention to the TV set, or rather the table supporting it. The table was covered with checkerboard contact-paper and Dusty began peeling it off. Then, he became intrigued with the spilled cereal and starting stomping it to bits. At this point his mother interceded. In a firm but calm voice she told her son to get the stand-up dust pan and broom and clean up the mess. Dusty got out the dust-pan but forgot the rest of the order. Within seconds he was dismantling the plastic dust pan, piece by piece. His next project: grabbing three rolls of toilet paper from the bathroom and unraveling them around the house. It was only 730 AM!
This is the story in my most recent textbook titled "Development Across the Lifespan" written by Robert S. Feldman describing typical ADD/ADHD behavior. I was just curious, at what point is your child waking up at 5AM to throw a tantrum, normal? Why did he get himself cereal and why do you have puffed sugar +KiX Cereal to feed him while you're making something else? WTF MOM?!!! Finally, why was the TV a substitute for the parenting here? How about you told Dusty to do something, he'd better do it. That might mean you put down the spatula OR apply it firmly to his buttocks! Your choice.

I can tell you that in my house, if this is going on before 0730 or anytime between 0100 and 2359, you're dead! I guarantee you'd better have a better excuse than "I need Ritalin"! Parents need to start parenting and quit making excuses for THEIR behavior. There's a huge difference between "I can't stay focused" and "I'm being a douche-bag before breakfast" and medication isn't the treatment. Start with a healthy diet. I know it's not cheap but neither are pharmaceuticals or repairing the damage they cause. Next, remove distractors that are obvious contributors to bad behavior. Finally, PARENT!


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