Best... Weekend.... EVER!

Best... Weekend.... EVER!

That's not an attempt to get sued by +VH1 either. Let me share this with you though. Monday was nothing to advertise about so we'll skip to Thursday. Thursday "started" around 1500, that's 3PM to the rest of the world, where my realtor from +Keller Williams met me at +M/I Homes to go over some options for the house we're building. Walked out with everything I wanted and didn't pay a dime! WIN! The house is still a dirt lot but the property next door is going up quickly which means we're next.

From there I went to my +Holyrood Lodge and was raised to Master Mason. An achievement in itself, surpassed only by the men that took part in it with me. A HUGE thanks to +Bro Juan Giraldo, +Bro Max Griffin-Maya +Jeff Popovich +Bro Mike Goldman and the rest of the team for "doing it right".

And that was just my Thursday! Finally it's Friday and work went off without a hitch. Next thing I know I'm heading for the door planning my weekend which was to include the oldest boy's golf lessons at 9. Not a whole lot of sleeping it but it beats waking up at 0515! It was made better by the +Dunkin' Donuts on the way while "Highway to the Danger Zone" blasted from the 80's channel on the radio. No rain in the forecast meant I got to take the family to the +Campo YMCA for 3 hours to float around in someone else's urine; a.k.a. swimming; bake until a golden brown then remove from pool. Followed that up with some lunch and ice cream at Chick Fil A.

Now I'm sitting in my air conditioner thinking the only thing that could make this weekend any better is looking out and seeing +Yosemite National Park...


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