Groundation... What the?

Groundation... What the?

Read it again, slower this time, yup it's a word. According to Jonathan Glen it is anyway. "Groundation" is what he's been on for the past few days.

Jonathan Glen: "Mom, how much longer am I on 'groundation' from the Wii?"

Mom: "On what?"

Me: "'Groundation' babe, try and keep up."

Mom: "What on earth is that?"

Jonathan Glen: "You said I couldn't play Wii for some weeks, remember?"

Me: "Yeah, mom, remember? You ground-ated him, hence, 'groundation'."

Mom: "You're an idiot..." (to me, obviously)

On second thought, I don't think she said that so much as her body language, stare, and maybe even her lips mouthed it. Yes, he has been grounded from the Wii because the four of them were fighting over the two remotes.
Boom! Groundation!


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