Re-Deployments... All I got to do was walk off a jet!

Re-Deployments... All I got to do was walk off a jet!

Sometimes there are some +MilitaryHomecoming shows that are pretty good. I think this video wins for "extra credit" though... I remember leaving and hugs and kisses and all that but it was the stepping off the jet, coming home, feeling like I had done something great that was so exhilarating.

I stood at the top of the stairs, the last guy off the jet, with my Alabama baseball cap on, ABUs all stinky from a long flight, and life-size +Marvel Entertainment Captain America shield in hand. The only thing missing was an American Flag waving in the background. At the bottom of the stairs were four turds and a smokin'-hot wife ready to resume a normal life again.

Unfortunately, it's not that way for everyone. Apparently the Veteran's Administration is almost a year behind on providing psychiatric/mental health care to our veterans. As a nation we've been complaining about the consistently sick or wounded people but now we're seeing more and more cases of mental and psychological suffering.

There are several programs that you can get involved with to help:
  • The Wounded Warrior Project has chapters in cities and towns across America.
  • The +Veterans of Foreign Wars have always been involved in making sure that Veterans find the help they need, or a cheap beer and good chat.
  • Military One Source is a 24/7 1-800 number that connects you with the agencies that veterans need and also provide free counseling services with any psychiatric service you need, no records, no questions.
  • Finally, there's an app coming to the android market that's already hit iPhone called POS REP. It's a digital signal flair connecting military and veteran "members" and uses a Google Map-type of locating service. When in doubt, send it out! A touch of a button allows you to send up a digital "call for help" alerting any subscribed veteran's in your area to your SOS. The app is on the iPhone store and can be downloaded for free from
Do what you can, get in where you fit in, and let's take care of one another.


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