America... Why Yes, I am!

America... Why Yes, I am!

Over dinner I decided to recap the day's schoolwork with the children.

Me - "What'd you learn in school today, Jonathan?"
Him - "Um, nothing?"

I could see that this wasn't going to end well... for him. Since we +Homeschool the comment reflected poorly on his teacher and she was about to hurt him.

After some quick thinking I went ahead and asked the other three children what they learned to which Charlotte recapped the entire story of Jeremiah being left at the temple when he was four years old, all 30-something verses of it... VERY impressive. Then I heard about how the Vikings were such efficient sailors and discovered Greenland and Iceland followed by math, numbers, blah blah blah.

Considering that our children are using Junior to High School material I'd say they're doing alright. Take THAT Florida Public School System! We're smarter than you!


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