Have I lost my senses? I hope not!

Have I lost my senses? I hope not!

I saw the video that I had posted earlier and couldn't believe how far we've come, technologically. Then I began thinking of my own senses and how I'd "feel" if I lost one of them. Then, your author, the psychology and Christian counseling student, began pondering these things:
What is joy without pain? What is sight without hearing? I can answer that! The 1989 Richard Pryor classic See No Evil, Hear No Evil! HA! But seriously folks... I couldn't imagine loving my wife as much as I do with all of my senses engaged and losing just one sense.

I showed the kids this picture of her "modeling" her engagement ring and told my oldest daughter that it was "the girl I dated before I met your mother". While I laughed for several minutes, how true it is! Recently I wrote a short paper on roles within relationships. We, as individuals, enter into dating relationships that still allow us to operate as separate entities while seeking out a mate and conforming to new expectations. For example, as a single-man I could do whatever I wanted but when I met my wife I had to realize that she may or may not care for me farting in public. Even if I thought it was funny, even if I didn't care what others thought, I cared about what she thought. Therefore, I conformed to her expectations. When we began discussing moving from dating to mating we discussed our roles further. Not like animal kingdom mating... yet! HA! Anyway, my role as an individual involved responsibility to community and government. I had to keep a job, make positive contributions to my community, and inspire others to excel.
As a boyfriend my roles changed by being more sensitive to others; in this case, my girlfriend. Everyone else could still eat a stick! Further role recognition definition and recognition came after marriage. Becoming a husband means loving less of yourself and sacrificing even more for others. Finally, parenthood. Believe me, you don't want to get into this with me. Just imagine stripping yourself of everything you have built up and created around yourself, FOR yourself, and rebuilding yourself according to the needs and desires of your children.... Boom! Fatherhood! No, I am not the man my wife met over a decade ago, and she is hardly a resemblance of herself since becoming a mother. God has changed us, even transformed us. We have "left our old-selves behind and become new creatures in Christ". And she is waaay hotter now so that always helps.

On a side note, I don't have hair anymore and she's not so innocent looking. Other than that, what a blessing! I only hope that we are being good models to our children.

 I also wanted to share a picture with you from my past. I'm a KC135 crew chief which means I fix planes. If you don't believe in grooming your children's future then convince me how this picture doesn't prove my argument... I always use a hammer on the horizontal stab, especially on a KC135...


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