Imagination Station... For Real?

Imagination Station... For Real?

The kids decided that they wanted to play out front, even though the surface of the sun is cooler temperature-wise. So Mad-Max the four year old is riding around his bike and pulls up next to my sweet umbrella-recliner chair.
"Got any gas?"
"I'm sorry, what? Oh, your... Ah, yes. Here you are." It takes quick thinking on your feet but even faster on your ass. Four year olds will snatch your brain up quick! So, after I fill up his tank (imaginary of course) he asks for some spare parts.
"Sure" I reply. "But you'll need a hammer and a screwdriver to make sure they go on right."
"Can I borrow yours?"
"Not a chance! You broke the last two I gave you!" I reply to which his face started to wrinkle and contort.
"So... can I borrow... Dad.... for serious or for play? Are you serious right now?" Boom! Mind blown!

Of course I was kidding but before I could rev him up real good I saw the disappointment on his face and right before he crumbled, because MAN was he lost, he had to double check his brain-bank and see if he had ever borrowed a hammer from me.

Moral of the story, you ARE smarter than a fifth grader so remember that next time you want to mess with them. They take it veeeery seriously! Play time for them is the same as it is in the animal kingdom; it's training for the future. Engage with them on all levels and remember that they believe 99% of everything we tell them.


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