Sonny's BBQ - Restaurant Review

Sonny's BBQ - Restaurant Review

Sonny's BBQ on UrbanspoonWent to eat at Sonny's Barbecue the other night and I had the all-you-can-eat pulled pork. I mention this only because of its significance. An "all you can eat" sign is like a dare! Thank God, too, I was hungry! After almost six plates of pork and several loaves of toast I had my fill. The kids split an order of ribs that was nearly fall off the bone good. What made this trip worth it though was the waitress. She didn't hover and she showed up to refill my drink and made pleasant but not annoying conversation.

You know the kind I mean; the waitress that talks to you because shutting her mouth wouldn't be convenient... That wasn't our problem this night. She came, she refilled, she left, and we hungered no more. We will definitely be back!


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