The Bear Mill - Product Review - FOLLOWUP

The Bear Mill - Product Review - FOLLOWUP

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REVIEW2 out of 5
My daughter got a late birthday gift today while we were in Gainesville, Florida, at The Oaks Mall. Unfortunately, the +Build A Bear Forever workshop was closed so she got a Triceratops from The Bear Mill, Inc.

By the time she got it to the car she already found one hole in the seam. When we got it home, mom found no less than five more holes in the brand new $30, poorly stuffed, toy. I've already left one email with the company and eagerly await their reply.

I received an email from the store manager within 24 hours who offered to replace the stuffed dino-bear. Unfortunately I don't have any trips planned to Gainesville, FL any time soon. Instead she offered to send me a full refund! Fair? You bet!

Within 24 hours of that I got an email from Janis Fenton, President and CEO of the Bear Mill apologizing profusely for the product and has offered for me to select any product off of their website which she will stuff and mail personally!

I don't know about you but that's better than any service I'd get if I walked in to return an item to ANY store!

OVERALL: 4 out of 5
Overall I'm very satisfied with this transaction. My goal here is to help parents sift through the pile of crap commonly known as children's toys and find reliable, trustworthy, dependable business-people and products that we all can rely on. Think about it, a network of parents that share reliable information about things, not just opinion, and can count on one another for reliable advice.

Maybe they had an off day, maybe my daughter carries a switch-blade in her pocket, who knows. Like Janis said about her company, they pride themselves on Products you can Count On” and "it is against everything our company believes in to have had this occur." 


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