5 tips on keeping your kids, YOUR kids!

5 tips on keeping your kids, YOUR kids!

Our local +PBS station #WEDU in Tampa put out this documentary about #Human #Trafficking. +Tampa, Florida is the third-highest ranked state in the nation for this crime. That's why I say... "Keep your children close and your Smith and Wesson closer"!

There are a few things that my wife and I do to ensure my family's safety:

1. Never let them play outside alone.
     - It only takes a second for a child to wander off or get snatched up at a park. You may have a nice neighborhood but traffickers don't care.

2. Don't ignore your children's emotions.
     - The top 10 reasons that kids run away includes verbal abuse. Think you're having a bad day now? Wait until your son or daughter isn't there in the morning after you've slept it off!

3. "Trust but Verify"
     - I say this all the time at work when I've got a dozen guys swearing up and down "yeah, I did it! The job's done right!" Good thing I check because the job is usually done half-@$$ and needs re-done. What does that have to do with your kids? When I was old enough to drive myself to a campout at a friend's house I had to call within a certain timeframe and typically check in every hour or so after that. If your kid wants to play at Billy's house bad enough then they'll want to check in every 30 minutes or so bad enough.

4. Monitor them
     - I'm not saying go full-blown #NSA on them but you have every right as a parent to use all the tools at your disposal to keep your family safe. My favorite one is the your cell phone's GPS tracking capabilities. You don't need to watch them every step of the way but what's wrong with pulling it up after your daughter has been out on a date for three hours already? Snooping is a different story and a topic for another day.

5. Defend, Protect, Repeat
     - I carry a registered concealed weapon. Not for myself, I can hit hard enough, but when I need to really reach out and touch someone there's always a #Taurus firearm nearby. Teach your children to respond appropriately as well. Yelling "NOT MY (MOM or DAD)!!" over and over usually gets people's attention. Unfortunately, in this +What Would You Do? video people didn't pay much attention. See #1.


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