Back to Back to Back to the Future

Back to Back to Back to the Future

I've never really sat and "marathoned" movies before, not even +Star Wars but for some #awesome reason my kids wanted to watch +Back to the Future on one of the movie channels as I was flipping through. What was on after it? Back to the Future 2! Yup, true story! But wait... what's on after that? Nope, it was... JUST KIDDING! It was totally Back to the Future 3!

All three, non-stop, thrill a minute, time-travelin', manure-dumping (that's a double 'ha ha' for that one) good times in a row. I couldn't believe it, I was geeking out. I think we actually had some quality time in front of the #television.

On that note, I was recently given some feedback regarding our "quality time" as parents. We need to 'show more affection' to our kids. I puzzled on the comment which was followed by 'we're always disciplining them but we need to hug them more, kiss them more.' None of which I am opposed to by any means but I think that sometimes as parents we get wrapped up in making sure our kids don't turn out to be douche-bags, or at least we should be, so we focus more on 'correction' than we do 'praising' some crappy finger painting drawn in feces on the wall. Trust me, in 2 or 3 months, that'll be hilarious but "in the moment" I totally understand wanting to slam them into a shoe box.

#Hug, #kiss, show affection, got it. My wife is a good wife and even better mother and we're good parents! That's what my father-in-law said before he passed away at least. A "Back to the Future Marathon" was good distraction for my kids while he was in the hospital having heart surgery. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough of a distraction to avoid the searing pain of hearing that he wasn't coming back from the hospital.

Life is fragile, children are precious. Hug, kiss, show affection... got it.


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