Bullying part 2

Bullying part 2

There was this video of a kid being bullied, probably middle school, and it got my attention because the bully's mom was suing th school. This is "old" news but take a look.
I say kudos, big kid! However, take a look at the video interview of the bully.
Well, some folks never learn. I don't know what it takes to raise good kids but... wait a sec. Maybe it takes parenting?! Nah, that sounds hard.
Here's a little food for thought though... I was picked on, not like this, but made fun of for the way I dressed and looked when I was younger. Completely understandable (sarcasm) since I was over 6 feet tall before high school and weighed less than 160 pounds up to the day I joined the Air Force.

Now I'm 230 pounds and a national highland athlete competing to go to Scotland this year. No one argues with me, nobody looks at me like I don't deserve the hot-chick on my arm, and no one says anything within earshot about the way I dress.
Boom! The HEAT!


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