Crocs are a crock! - Product Review

Crocs are a crock! - Product Review

     My daughter picked out some color-change +Crocs not too long ago so of course everyone else had to get a pair. Everyone except for me. Fortunately they love them. However, I don't like to spend more on fancy flip-flops than I would on shoes and they fail to perform. This is what they're supposed to look like: BEFORE being exposed to sunlight and AFTER sunlight.
     Shortly after my daughter got her fancy color-changing #crocs they began to fade. No more color-change, no more joy. They don't change color, they don't do anything! That only took about three days, too!

That makes dad angry! ME SMAAASH!!

Everyone elses shoes turned out great! They last longer than they're feet do anyway. Not that their feet deteriorate and fall-off, they outgrow them.
     It's up to you, parents, #Crocs or shoes. My vote is for shoes but the kids love the #Croc. As a word of caution, "go with what you know." Stick to the simple things, avoid the flashy junk, and always smile when your daughter bats her eye-lashes at you and begs for the "fancy princess shoes". Then tell her, 'no'. It's for her own good!


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