Homeschool? No problem!

Homeschool? No problem!

     While the wife is out I am watching the children which means I get to teach them, too. Well, topics specifically off-limits are +Teaching the Civil War and anything #CivilWar related, +the war of 1812 and all topics thereon, leaving me math, science, and remnants of +HISTORY. Well, math practically teaches itself since it really hasn't changed in thousands of years. Science though... well well well.

     For science I decided to incorporate it with my eldest boy's +Boy Scouts of America #Nova Awards. It's a new program for Scouts of all ages that emphasizes STEM subjects by making them practical and fun. The first section is "Science Everywhere" and the first task is to "watch an episode of a show about anything related to science and make a list of at least two questions or ideas from what you watched." More information can be found here at their main page.

     Well, what show could we watch? We could watch +Wipeout but that's not very "scientific". What could we watch that would spark imagination, AND generate some good questions?

WHO'S AWESOME NOW?!!! Welcome to the University of Dad, get ready to graduate Magna Cum Laude!


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