Prayer changed at least ONE thing

Prayer changed at least ONE thing

     Today something interesting happened... a woman prayed for her attacker as he broke into her apartment to rape her, gun in-hand. She would've been the fourth victim in his "spree". The story, as told by our local +FOX 13 News - can be found by clicking here.

     I was at our +Campo YMCA when I saw the story on one of the TVs and thought to myself, 'how great is our God'! And 'what would I have done in a situation when nothing I could do would get me out of it?' In this case and many others, #prayer really IS the answer! When things are going our way we're really good at saying 'thanks, God, for the blessings' but how can we be sure that we will be ready for the tests and trials that come our way?

     In the military we train for all kinds of scenarios, in all kinds of conditions, with all kinds of outcomes so that when the time comes our reactions are purely muscle memory. But what about our spirits? Is our soul really ready to answer the trials that will come our way? Will we be able to pray for our attackers as they come towards us, weapon in hand, intending to harm us?

     A few days earlier I had seen on +ABC News that no charges were going to be filed against a Texas father who beat to death his daughter's molester (click the link to see the full story). The short version is a ranch-hand had taken a man's 5-year old daughter, dad heard his daughter's cries, found them together, and the dad commenced to beating the man until he got tired... essentially.

     So, all that doom and gloom and suddenly I'm having an amazing day! All four of my children are safe at home with me, in good health, fed, and going to sleep in a clean bed. Yes, I AM grateful for today and I pray that I'll still be able to praise Him on a bad day. People often wonder "why does God let such bad things happen"? It's not an easy answer but I believe part of it is like this; if you go to the gym for months on end and keep using the same weight then you won't get stronger; there's no growth. But, when you use one weight for a few weeks and your muscles are conditioned for it to the point that they no longer experience fatigue then it's time to step it up... add a few pounds. Now it's hard again, the pushing and grunting and sweating and cussing. A few weeks of that and you're stronger.
     Now, imagine you've been going to church for a long time, memorized all the hymns and several Bible verses; Maybe you even lead a Sunday school class. Then something happens that tests your faith. This could be anything from a pay-day-pinch to traumatic family experience. What now? Do you 'add a few pounds' and push, grunt, sweat, cry through that, too? Or do you quit and blame God for letting it happen to you? I'm not an "expert" but let's call a BS in psychology an 'insight' and a Masters in #ChristianCounseling a "pretty good idea". It's certainly worth it to have the answers before you get to the test.


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