Buffalo Wild Wings - Restaurant Review

Buffalo Wild Wings - Restaurant Review

Buffalo Wild Wings on Urbanspoon So we went to +Buffalo Wild Wings in #Valdosta for the #BAMAvsUK game +Alabama Crimson Tide. It was good to visit with some old friends and enjoy another +SEC Football Hub win and see the third string get stretched out. Anyway... This place is rapidly losing it's appeal as a "date" place. Not enough wait-staffers+too many drunks=not a good time.

Our waiter, Alex, did good but he got bombed with a load of tables and some group of teenagers came in (infamous for tipping well) and we fell to the back-burner. When we DID have his attention we ordered a few pints of +Guinness GB for the fourth quarter. Some girl named Kelly was behind the bar and thought she was pouring a friggin' +Coors Light because we had to send them back twice!

Be it known, barkeeps, that #Guinness isn't some pour-and-ignore drink. It's an art! That was really just the icing on the cake. We had ordered appetizers all night which worked out better than we had thought. My buddies ordered wings and didn't eat half of them because they were dry, and/or just plain gross.

This place gets a big "AVOID" from us. #AlabamaCrimsonTide will get the "W", B-Dubs won't.


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