Chili's - Restaurant Review

Chili's - Restaurant Review

Chili's Grill & Bar on UrbanspoonThis Chili's in #Jacksonville, FL is an absolute MUST if you're traveling #I95 north or south! Our waitress, Alexis, was professional, accomodating, and more than worth her wieght in gold!

Again, we're a large family to begin with, rolling six-'men'-deep, so getting a table is always a wait; not here. We walked in with a guest and sat right down. The table's have a new "entertainment" system called +Ziosk that has an interactive menu as well as an appropriate selection of apps that kept the kids entertained while they waited for their fresh food.

Our waitress came by often enough to keep our drinks full but not so often that she hovered or bothered us, you know the type. I'm surprised this place has such a "low" +Urbanspoon rating but this place is the bee's knees.


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