How Important is Fire Safety?

How Important is Fire Safety?

I know it's not Fire Prevention Awareness month but my kids needed a reminder so on to YouTube I went. Share this video with your kids and show them what can happen in just over a minute. The example I used went something like this...

"What if you kids are upstairs in the bathtub and start jumping around and splashing everywhere? Mom is downstairs making dinner and has to walk up stairs 'right quick' to stop you from doing something unsafe. It would take about 30 seconds just to go up and down the stairs leaving only a minute to correct you. Now, we both know that mom would be talking for more than a minute but look what happened in 1:30 already! By the time mom got back downstairs to finish dinner the kitchen would already be on fire and smoke would start billowing upstairs!"

Think about it, how often do you have to stop what you're doing to apply correction somewhere? It only takes a minute for something to get out of control.
In this video a small spark ignites a lone couch in this living room. I shared with my children the condition of the fire by the time we might have noticed it and explained to them the importance of a good evacuation plan. We reviewed what WE would do in this scenario and I reinforced the importance of being in your bedrooms after you're told to go to bed. Often times our 4-year old will get out of his bed and go to his sisters' room to play, followed by his 8-year old brother. The problem is that the 4-year old likes to hide under the bed when he hears a parent coming. I explained that "...if mommy and daddy had to split up and rush in to grab the four of [them] that daddy might not make it out because I'm searching for someone that was hiding under the bed!" That got the point across and for the past two nights we've had no problems with children getting out of bed.

The fact of the matter is that every morning we see on the news about a local family that DIDN'T make it out. Too often times we take for granted the front door and think that we'll be able to make it out. Sit down with your family and discuss evacuation plans and share these brief videos. If nothing else, maybe your kids will stay in bed!

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