How to camp... "glamp", I mean.

How to camp... "glamp", I mean.

So there's this new thing called "glamping" and let me tell you, it's interesting. Apparently it's 'camping' but more GLAMorous, hence "GLAM-PING". Check this site out, it's like a vacation rental only... camping. Anyway, as the Highland Games season approaches that means the Phillips family goes camp..., er, glamping. We'll start the season out at +Stone Mountain Park for the +Stone Mountain Highland Games. #StoneMountainGames

The thing to remember is that it will take time to learn "how". There's the usual campground setup but this isn't the usual. Of course setting up the tent is first but then your bedding, kitchen, accessories, etc. go out. We have a lovely set of lights we picked up from +Target for $5 each as opposed to the $15 each they were originally. I think the key to decking out your site will be the ability to find things on sale. There are tons of sites about people with trailers who buy things at full price and yes, they look amazing, but, what's the fun in that?! We've got outdoor carpet, fuzzy carpet for inside the tent between the king-size inflatable beds, a full-size kitchen, and reclining fold-out chairs. This will be our first glamping trip so stay tuned for pictures.

If you're wondering, it IS hard to be tough and glamp but, I am bigger than most people that would mock me to my face and since it makes the kids happy... I'm good with it.


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