"How to camp with four kids" OR"How to move your house to the woods"

"How to camp with four kids" OR"How to move your house to the woods"

Not completely sure of how to title this post I left the options up to you. We are now officially less +Stone Mountain Park camping experience! The trailer's packed... over-packed, and well, now that I think of it we may have over-over-packed.
than a week away from our

I took a tip from a couple of different sites but since I'm a #checklist kind of guy I found myself going back to YourOwnHomeStore quite regularly. She has printable/editable checklists that I like. Beyond that, I used my own judgement. For example; OVER-PACKING+CAMPING=#GLAMPING. That's a mathematical equation. After assembling a #checklist you need reviews. Besides, who's to say what works for one person works for another? For this I always use #blogs. Blogs are social media for people with brains. It's the instant and personal feedback I look for! I found MyRealReview to be the most concise.

Lodging? We're tent people for now. When we get closer to retirement we're going to buy a school bus and convert it into a #schoolie. If you don't know how awesome that is, check out +Schoolies.com. So... being tent folks I submit this review. We've got a +Coleman tent that has seen the end of almost a decade of use. She's a reliable product, like most other things #Coleman puts out. For this trip we'll be using a new +Ozark Trail Tents that we picked up from Wal-Mart. It's the XL Vacation 3-Room Lodge and it's less than $150! +Amazon.com has some reviews on it as well. At this point I CAN tell you that it's been setup in the backyard for the past week while the kids camped in it while I was away. No bugs, rips, or tears... so far, and excellent water repellant.

That's about it for now! There are tons of sites to explore but I encourage you to get personal opinions before spending your hard earned money and winding up in the woods without the right equipment.


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