How to Glamp... Post-Action Report

How to Glamp... Post-Action Report

Well, it wasn't ALL bad I suppose. I did notice that we over-packed, which is pretty par for us. This only added to the weight of pulling a 4,000-pound trailer with six people in a +Ford Expedition. Our mpg went down to 7.1 for a trip of less than 300 miles. We started with a full tank of gas and had to stop a little over half-way there to fill-up and arrive with just over a quarter-tank! Once at +Stone Mountain Park we parked the trailer at our site and immediately began Camp Glamp Setup.

We hooked up the electric and water while I ran lights and rugs. This trailer was a Palomino with dual pop-outs and all the amenities. After throwing out all the chairs and pop-up over the "dinner table" it was time to play.

Overall a good time was had by all but here's what we learned:
  • We took lots of tips from the numerous +Glamping Out sites on the internet.
  • We wrote down food plans which we stuck to for the most part (we only missed one meal).
  • We over-accessorized our site and made it comfortable for living, hence the trailer.
  • We pre-planned as many of our activities as possible, i.e. purchased tickets online and "Googled" coupons before we went.
  • We stressed about everything BEFORE we went camping so that it was easier to enjoy the site rather than stress about tickets, food, activities once we arrived.
  • Finally, we let the kids be kids. 
Some notable mentions we learned were:
  • The Ford Expedition is an excellent vehicle however, not enough to pull almost 5,000 lbs AND passengers much further than we did AND be cost effective.
    • The truck pulled fine up and down hills and kept up with traffic but for a vehicle with already "poor" mpg, (14 mpg avergage) this much weight just made the overall costs of camping equal to a luxury hotel. The trailer was $80/day, partial hook-up site was $38/day, two tanks of gas to get there was $90/tank...
  • When camping/glamping/or otherwise accessorizing, decide whether you plan on being at the site or off somewhere else the entire day.
    • It was honestly pointless to bring anything more than beds and a grill since we were off-site 90% of every day we were there. While we WERE there, the internet research helped out a lot. One thing that WASN'T noted on any sites was the invaluable resource of 550-cord or paracord. It's an amazing resource for any situation.
The kids had fun, no one got hurt, and we'll be doing it again next year.

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