Is Your Daughter Missing Her Peanuts?

Is Your Daughter Missing Her Peanuts?

The following conversation took place between my 10-year old daughter and 4-year old son. Apparently they were bathing together and well, this is what happened...

Her: "Close your legs! I don't want to see your penis!"

Him: "Why? I can see yours!"

Her: "No, you can't because I don't have one!"

Him: "That's 'cause God cut-ted off yours!" (notice the two-syllable emphasis on the past-tense of the verb 'cut'. It's not always what he says but how he says it that makes me wet my pants laughing.)

Her: "No, He didn't!"

Him: "Yes, He did! All the books even said that God cut-ted off your peanuts!" (Yes, peanuts)

Her: "No, they don't, and no, He didn't!"

Him: "...Well, I can still see your peanuts... because they are cut-ted off."

Really though, what do you do here? Do you let the conversation take its natural course and see where it goes or do you step in and stop the bickering? In this case my wife was incapacitated by laughter and was unable to do anything but crawl to the phone and text me.

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