Some Happy Thoughts For Your Friday

Some Happy Thoughts For Your Friday

Nick Offerman is one of my favorite TV comedy actors. He is also an outspoken "Man of Moustache" and can be seen in various endorsements such as: +Movember: The site dedicated to men's health and the promotion thereof.

This actually started in Australia by some guys trying to raise awareness for men's prostate health. Yikes! The boys! Well, it's true. Over the past year it just "caught on" like most other things with moustaches do. Here in the Good Ol' U. S. of A. there are several things that you can get involved in to help raise funds just like breast cancer awareness, but much cooler.

Moustaches have a long history, read up on it; it'll do your brain good!

On the note of doing some good, I ran across this video from the guys at GiveBackFilms that was pretty interesting. It's not for us to judge but I'm sure you could make some assumptions on what these people would do with $100. It was shocking and refreshing to see the first guy, in the midst of his sorrow, say 'thank you' and then praise God for it. It reminded me of Job and his suffering, and how he continued to trust in God, even in the midst (Job 13:15).

Finally, technology is used for good! This video blew my mind, too. I've known some people that had photographic memories but damn! This dude takes the cake. 'Welcome home' Saroo!

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