Burger King at MacDill - Restaurant Review

Burger King at MacDill - Restaurant Review

Burger King on UrbanspoonI know that many people don't +Urbanspoon their +BURGER KING visit however, this one needed it. I walked in and needed to wash up since I had just left the gym and didn't want to handle what was expected to be a wonderful dinner, with nasty "gym-hands." After entering the restroom and treading across the shredded and strewn paper towels I
navigated my way to the sink. A few pumps of the soap dispenser revealed one of two things: either everyone is a hand-washing freak and used all the soap or no one is washing their hands and I'd better be VERY hungry.

Well, hungry I was and to the cashier I went. The order went well and the wait wasn't terrible but I should've left when there was as much food on the floor as their was on my tray. The neat trick they do now using the narrow fry "tray" is pretty neat, too. Instead of filling it up they take what looks like a medium and dump it on its side so the fries take up the tray. Well played BK.

Tell you what though, how 'bout if I never visit your store again. I figured my
nearly year-long absence was enough but, no... So long Fatty-King!


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