Duck Dynasty Doesn't Want You to Buy Their Stuff!!

Duck Dynasty Doesn't Want You to Buy Their Stuff!!

That's not a direct quote but... After watching +I am Second's video on +A&E's #DuckDynasty Phil Robertson I am convinced that they would rather see you do something for Jesus than spend $20 on their latest DVD. I honestly believe that they would rather you take that $25 you were going to spend on a Ms. Kay Bobble-head and go buy someone a Bible, or lunch, or both.

Their boy, Reed, I believe, said "...the folks at A&E wanted [them] to make a fuss and fight, etc. but that's not how [they] are." No, I'd say not. I can tell you that I'm not a "reality show" kind of guy. For the longest time I scoffed at the guys at work and generally avoided conversations about the show but, after hearing about the Robertsons' staunch faith and the "stink" that arose after they WEREN'T fighters and so dramatic on-air I caught the next show. Since then, I've skipped everything but +Alabama Crimson Tide football to catch an episode. I think I'm finally caught up and since I've got a little extra coin in my pocket I went ahead and got my wife the Ms. Kay bobble-head to stick on her dashboard. You can never have too many Ms. Kays.

Now, go buy a DVD or T-Shirt. If you've got some coin, buy a duck-call or something. Anything to support the Kingdom of God because I believe that these people are doing it. Also, take time to check out and see what they're about. Believe it or don't, you're not the only Christian on the planet even though it may feel like it sometimes.

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