Empower Fitness Kettlebell - Product Review

Empower Fitness Kettlebell - Product Review

The folks over at Empower Fitness were kind enough to believe in our idea that our opinion matters, along with about a million others. I let my wife take this one since it turned out to be a little small for my style, perfect for the ladies, though. My wife is an experienced "gym-rat" having been drug to just about everywhere I go and knows her way around a kettlebell or two.

After receiving the 3-n-1 adjustable weight kettlebell I quickly realized that for $40 you can't beat what you get in the box, even for scrap-weight. After a quick rummage I found the complete and thorough instructions, a video (which was a pleasant surprise), and a fairly well-made kettlebell which has since been subject to much more than the video could entail.
If you're new to fitness then I would strongly recommend starting with something more "manage-able" like the 3-n-1 kettlebell. Give your body some time to adjust to the movements and the new aches and pains you WILL feel with any new regimen. It's also nice to be able to utilize ONE implement for so many workouts. Even a quick Google search for "kettlebell workouts" will render you some above and beyond circuits.
For the experienced gym-goer you can appreciate the simplicity of the kettlebell and the variety this instrument offers. From a simple stretching or warm-up tool to an addition to your routine, this kettlebell finds a place anywhere for any-person at all levels.
That may sound like a lot of fluff but listen to me... after four children, four natural child-births, and three babies over 10-lbs I know what our bodies go through and I can appreciate the value of anything that is well-made and practical. I've been 150 lbs, I've been 230 lbs, and everywhere in between on more than one occasion. There are no "miracle" diets, workouts, gyms, or surgeries to keep you in shape but this ancient piece of iron is simply my "go-to" for a quick workout or detailed routine.
The included video is excellent for beginners and gym-veterans alike and for $40 you can't beat the value. Slide it under a coffee table, in a drawer, or hide it behind a chair, its easy-access-workout can't be beat! Thank you so much to Empower Fitness for entrusting me with this opportunity and I'll close with this... Ladies, even if money is no object and you had to purchase one piece of "workout" equipment, this would be it. Not a treadmill or ab-lounger, the kettlebell. It's compact, diverse, functional, and practical! Be Empowered!!!
So there you have it, my wife's honest opinion. To tell you the truth I was expecting something much more scathing, especially since we're so hell-bent on breaking things to get our point across. Try as we might, this product stood the test. Well done Empower!

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