Guess Who Lost Another Tooth??

Guess Who Lost Another Tooth??

A few months ago I had posted the last time someone in this house had lost a tooth and guess what, she lost another one! Last time her older sister was giving her a hard time about the tooth fairy not being real. If "last time's" letter wasn't enough check this one out...

Yes, I... er, the tooth fairy had a great time in fairy land and the only way that "she" could exist is if little people believe in "her." Unfortunately, I was laughing so hard that my wife had to field this one. If she wasn't such a wonderful artist she wouldn't have been able to squeeze out a poorly-scrawled image of something. However, even this simple task wouldn't have been possible if Ava hadn't have left four different colored crayons in the bag with the tooth and the note. Fortunately she didn't ask anymore questions like she did last time. +What Does the Tooth Fairy Do With Our Teeth?, etc...

She got away with $2 this time so she's up to $21 now. I think she's planning on buying a house by the time her molars come in.


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