Lone Survivor - Movie Review

Lone Survivor - Movie Review

I was fortunate enough to be one of many recipients to see a special pre-screening of the movie +Lone Survivor starring #MarkWahlberg recently and wanted to share this with you... First of all, a huge thanks to +Universal Studios Entertainment and Film 44 for sponsoring the military community for this screening. It was very generous of them and one of the most sincere gestures I've been witness to as of late. The producer was on-hand to explain why this event was so important to him after six-years of production. If you're not familiar with OPERATION Red Wings then you may recognize the name Michael Murphy. He was a +U.S. Navy SEAL and +CrossFit® followers may be more familiar with the workout "Murph". In either case you can see his Medal of Honor Citation here.

After reading those you'll already know how it "ends", and obviously, the title of the movie gives it away. However, it is important to remember that for a Medal of Honor to be awarded there must be at least one eye-witness that initiates the award; hence, the #LoneSurvivor. I love a good movie and I appreciate true stories even more! This movie was a welcome change to the films currently in theaters. The producer stated that the film took so long to produce (6 years) because "[they] wanted to make sure they got everything right and honored those that died" as well as "show[ing] the proper respects to the men that still operate" in these environments. Without having been there I would say that they nailed it.

Prior to seeing this movie the only "war-scene" that came close to demonstrating the chaos and turmoil of direct contact was Saving Private Ryan and the opening D-Day landing scene. I was so immersed in the footage that I actually ducked and jerked as I watched the events unfold. There is plenty you can review before seeing the film and afterwards conclude that they got practically every detail right. The terrain, the events, the actions of the SEAL team, everything... There's also a book by Michael Murphy's father, Seal of Honor and is available from Amazon. Of course, my copy is autographed "3-2-1, Go!!" by his dad... kind of a big deal, but anyway.

This movie paints as accurate a portrayal of courage under fire that has ever been depicted. So often the word "hero" is used to describe anyone, and sometimes anything, from a boy saving a cat in a tree to a bystander that broke a car window to save a dog. While these are nice gestures, the real heroes are the men and women that wake up everyday and defend freedom wherever it is threatened. If it weren't for Marcus Luttrell's tenacity and dedication to these basics tenants of freedom then America would cease to exist, terror would run wild, and we wouldn't enjoy the freedoms we have today. 

Unfortunately for YOU this movie doesn't come out until December 27 but I'll be standing in line for this one. Set your +Fandango Fan-Alert for this one and while you wait, go read the book or watch this interview with Marcus about a million times. See www.lonesurvivorfoundation.org 

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