Oreck Touch Bagless Vacuum - Product Review

Oreck Touch Bagless Vacuum - Product Review

You would have thought I hung the moon! And if you didn't know... I did! On a trip to +Best Buy today I got to see all the new +Samsung USA Televisions and boy-howdy was that tough! Like letting a girl choose chocolate; you'll be there all day! Anyway, As I was extracted from the TV department much like an American POW we skirted the perimeter of the store where I found the Clearance Section. Come on, guys, help me out here... this is the full-price-for-the-poor-man Mecca!

Naturally, after spending at least 30 minutes talking about the new +Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with the Samsung folks and almost an hour looking at TVs, no one on my 6-man firing team wanted to watch daddy wander another section of ANY store. Honestly, I wish I had a picture of it.
Kids - "Where's Daddy going?"
Mom - UGH! "Come on, daddy's lost in the clearance section, again."
Me - "I'm not lost. Look! Bargains!"

I can tell you that I was disappointed that it was nothing like +Bed Bath & Beyond's "Beyond" section but I came out the winner here. I picked up the +Oreck Corporation's newest bagless upright for $157 out the door. You can see here that it retails for almost $400 but since it didn't have a box, well, poor me. This review is kind of a big deal since we've gone through countless vacuums and haven't found one that DOES suck! (as opposed to doesn't, see what I did there?) And I know that mom's aren't the only ones doing the floors so I hope there are some men out there that can appreciate a product that is worth what you pay for it, even at full-price.

We got home and after a quick operational check this thing sailed around the living room and went from carpet to tile with ease. Here's the neat part; when transitioning from carpet to tile (and vice-versa) you typically have to stop, turn a dial or make other height-adjustments, resume vacuuming, and then chase all the little pieces around that the spinning brush sends under the stove or fridge. And let's be honest, you only REALLY get those dropped cheerios after they land on the transition piece to the carpet. Well, how about this little gem has a thumb button for the on/off AND the roller-brush. That's right, once you roll from carpet to tile, or anytime for that matter, you can thumb the little "roller" button and vacuum your carpet without beating it up if you like or roll straight into the kitchen without stopping. Yes, I am impressed.

We haven't gotten into the $600 +Dyson world yet because we're not millionaires! Come on! Seriously?! I wouldn't have bought this one if it wasn't $157 but I CAN tell you that it's worth the $400 retail price tag on it. I don't have $400 either but, hey, who's judging here? Another nice thing about this vac that is often duplicated by many other companies is the dirt release part of the bagless models. On other models we've purchased you had to reach down with your hand and un-latch the trap door on the bottom to empty it and get "yuck" on your hands in the mean time; or even when you close and latch it. This one, like it's Dyson counterpart, has a top-mounted handle and rear-mounted trap-door lever that also closes the door so you never have to bend down except to grab the handle to empty it. Another nice thing is the insane amount of cord! Holy mackerel! I've had to move to no less than three different outlets just to do the down stairs before but not with this baby!

Ergonomically this was an alright unit as well. I'm right at 6 foot 3 and I didn't have to stoop over to push this around. Speaking of its weight, it's noticeably lighter but not by much. But, since it is considerably easier to maneuver it feels lighter and won't have you cussing the architect that put your furniture in the wrong spot. Oh wait, that was you that wanted to get a three-piece couch with three-hundred cushions... never mind.

So what do we have:
  • I practically stole it from Best Buy.
    • Check those hidden corners of the store, look for ads
  • Seamless and literally non-stop transitioning from carpet to tile to carpet
    • Thumb button on/off for roller AND unit power
  • Emptying the container
    • Quick release handle opens and closes trap door for a "clean getaway"
  • Power Cord length
    • Covered the entire down-stairs without re-plugging
  • Attachments
    • Hose-handle is ergonomic and releases for quick cleaning and easy re-attaching
  • Weight and Use
    • Comparable weight but considerably easier to use
    • Reportedly MUCH lighter than the Dyson
So the BAD news... If you check the reviews on the bottom of the Oreck site they have a common theme:

  • People with high-shedding pets complained about the cyclone "clogging" after multiple uses and having to manually empty.
    • To be fair, there are no follow up reviews of these people that purchased another vacuum to compare it to. 
  • Some complaints about the attachments not staying on.
    • I haven't had this problem and the "turn-and-click" attachments work fine for me
So there you have it. The good, the bad, and the honest. I hope you can purchase with confidence knowing that this product had been "TESTED".

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