Tropical Smoothie - Restaurant Review

Tropical Smoothie - Restaurant Review

Tropical Smoothie Cafe on UrbanspoonThis was my first time at #TropicalSmoothieCafe but I had two meals and almost got a brain-freeze on the smoothies! The flat breads were amazing and the rest of the guys had wraps. The only complaint was that they weren't "big" enough. Then again, I typically eat like a horse and everyone at the table consumes at least 3-thousand calories a day (we're 'meat-heads').

The cafe was clean, they bring the warm food to your table, and still offer a military discount without having to ask. The only thing I don't like, and I've noticed a few businesses have taken to it, is being called by my first name for my order. Especially if the kids working there are hardly 18. I'm not your friend and you're not here to help. Take my order, shut your face, make my sandwich. Let's not lead each other on like we "really care" about one another.

Other than my own opinions though, this place was delicious, a little pricey, but in comparison to +Moe's Southwest Grill next door it's much cheaper. Stop by, eat up, get out!!


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