Under Armour Heat Gear S/S TShirt - Product Review

Under Armour Heat Gear S/S TShirt - Product Review

I needed to purchase more uniform items and found myself in the individual T-shirt section of my clothing sales. This, of course, is opposed to the six-pack of sand-tees for $10 that litter the shelves. I found myself among the
<------- Duke-brand Dri-Fit shirts for $12 and the +Under Armour heat gear tactical short sleeve shirt for $22... ---------->
What's a boy to do?

I can tell you this, I don't regret spending the money. Typically I'm a tightwad and will buy a dozen of the cheap shirts and replace them every month as opposed to buying the more expensive "better" product once in a blue-moon. In this case, #UnderArmour was the clear winner.

Below is a copy of the review I sent to UA:
In the past 17 years of service I've had many jobs, most recently an Aircraft Mechanic (dirty, just plain dirty). There have been many days that I leave work after 12-16 hour-long days covered in sweat, grease, hydraulic fluid, sealant, and engine oil. It is convenient that our standard uniform items, specifically our t-shirts, come in a 6-pack for less than $10. After a few weeks of the kind of abuse I briefly shared above they meet the garbage can. If nothing else, they hold sweat and odor, the color bleaches out, and they stretch and fade. While this is typical of most cotton products my co-workers and I are a little harder than most on our clothes.
Over the past three weeks I've put your Tactical Shirt through my own set of testing. Unfortunately, I represent only a small constituent of maintainers that also include Hydraulic, Engine shop, Electrical, and Environmental specialists. However, each of us "wear" our clothing differently. In the little time I had I did the following:
- Wore my shirt for 3 days without washing (I live in Florida and it is 86 deg today)- Hung various items or clipped them to the shirt (we always have to wear our credentials on the flightline)- Performed routine maintenance (the difference between 'routine' and 'heavy' is the amount of time it takes to complete a task)
In each of these "tests" the shirt performed remarkably and recovered with no signs of wear. During the "wear test" I sweat profusely (I know, it's gross, but necessary in the name of science!), rolled the shirt up with my gym clothes at the end of the day, and wore it again the next day. This was the most revealing test to me as the T-Shirt dried with no salt-stains and didn't have a horrible odor afterwards. It was a bit musty but no one around me could tell.. believe me, I asked. During the "hanging test" I had my credentials clipped to my shirt with a gator-clip that typically pulls the fabric and even leaves rust stains. I carried my glasses by the collar which also stretches the fabric. In both cases the shirt re-shaped the next day and any stains from the clip washed out like magic! The collar also held its shape day after day prior to washing. Finally, I inspected jets, crawled around landing gear, and lubricated flight controls and got what I would call "moderately-dirty". I didn't have grease stains on me but I did have brake dust, light hydraulic fluid stains, and some evidence of sealant on me. Trust me, I've worked harder but the past few weeks didn't present that opportunity. In the end everything washed out of the shirt and you couldn't tell it was dirty. Again, this was after three days of wear so some of the stains were older than others. Ultimately I am overjoyed with this product! I also got regular "What kind of shirt is that? That's nice!" comments from several co-workers throughout the weeks.
Yup, that's real, folks. Maybe a bit disgusting but real. It was all in the name of science. I recently received several discount coupons to purchase more UA gear and there is a banner on this site for 10% to all military personnel 24/7. Overall I am very satisfied with this product and look forward to purchasing more. If nothing else I'll look nice!

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