Are more people using natural or artificial trees?

Are more people using natural or artificial trees?

This holiday season represents another year of memories, and another opportunity to celebrate with friends and family. As we gather around the Christmas tree to unwrap presents, sip some 'nog, and depending on where you live, have a snow-ball fight or two, I wanted to share another safety tip with you. If you have a natural tree you can appreciate this. While the video is a little slow to start (about 5 seconds) notice the timer in the lower left corner as the tree ignites. This could be a candle or short in an electric wire. Have pets? If they like to chew things then this may be you after they nibble through the protective rubber housing of the light strands. Again, reviewing your family's emergency action plans in never a bad idea and remembering to "test" your smoke alarms never hurts either.

While I'm writing this I am watching +Discovery Channel's TLC show called Crazy Christmas Lights. They said that 30% of Holiday injuries are people falling from heights or putting up lights, in general. Make sure that your ladder is secure to the ground and don't stand on a ladder on another ladder... Not without videotaping it and posting it here anyway.

For those living in base-housing, double check with your privatized housing office before stringing lights up your third story windows or roof-line. Most offices do NOT allow lights above the second story; just check before-hand and save yourself the trouble. And, if you're like me, hit up +The Home Depot or +Lowe's Home Improvement the day after Christmas to snatch up all their LED's! You can never have too many!

Finally, you can zip over to the National Fire Protection Association's page for more helpful information, more specifically on tree-fire advice and avoidance. Last but not least, remember our deployed military members who are not able to enjoy the holidays with their friend's and families. You can make donations to the +USO or check with the +American Red Cross and their Holiday Mail for Heroes program.

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