Is the internet making our kids dumber? Pt 1

Is the internet making our kids dumber? Pt 1

My wife and I had a question, and our daughter told us to "Google it"! So we asked Google! There it was, the answer in all of its glory, and none of the drama. That got me thinking about something... Is the internet making our kids dumber? At 35-years young I remember spending hours in the basement with my cousin huddled around a 13-inch black and white TV playing asteroids on an "old" Atari, emerging only for restroom breaks. Even then I got yelled at for not "getting enough sunlight"! At the same time I remembered spending hours in a library because I had a book report to do. I had to find accurate and reliable information relating to the topic; I had to cross-reference authors, titles, and topics; I had to use... a +Card Catalog! Mother of God! I used +Encyclopaedia Britannica,Inc. which is still a good read, just not in print anymore (I don't thing). And, I mastered the #DeweyDecimalSystem. Kind of like Algebra, a pointless chore.

In less than 10 seconds I accomplished more than a day in a library used to get me. I searched "dog" and got literally millions of hits to websites 
that told me everything I could ever want to know, and wish I could forget, about dogs. I remember driving the extra 10 minutes to a bigger library because they had more books, hence, larger catalog. Maybe that one would even have a topical reference and not just alphabetical author or titles. What I DID find in the library that takes longer on the internet is a reliable source. Agreeably, +Wikipedia is not an suitable source, even though there are several citations at the bottom of most subjects. In a library I would have the "truth", or at least a reliable version of it, in my hand. No ads, no spam. The internet is fraught with hazards from spam to pop-up ads to very inappropriate pop-up ads all in the quest of "dog".

Honestly, I just wanted to know if my #Weimaraner was shedding too much? A direct Google search didn't reveal anything worthwhile but a library allowed me to search without someone asking for my personal data and I even learned stuff along the way. Have you ever found a book on the way to the book you were looking for? I happens to me quite often, especially in book stores. Did you know book stores had more than magazines? It took a while but I found them amid all the shiny covers and LED lights. So how does a Google search stimulate my child's creative thinking? If Google doesn't have it then it must not be real, right?

Look for Part 2 coming soon!

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