Pearl Harbor Day... we remember.

Pearl Harbor Day... we remember.

"A day that will live in infamy..." Seven of the most famous words in American history. Today I decided to play this sound clip for my four children who have a rich heritage of documented military service spanning several hundred years (if not thousands).

Then I showed them this video. The only color video, not restored, of the Pearl Harbor attack. Long may it be remembered, and never again questioned, America's resolve to seek out and subdue terror on any soil.

Remember to take the time and share America's history, as well as your own, with your children on this day. Our history is left to them and the stories we tell. Don't expect anyone else to tell your story for you. I remember my grandfather's stories of his time in Guadalcanal and into the "nuclear age" as the eight-grade dropout graduated from the +University of Arkansas on the Dean's List and went on to build rockets for our Space program and Cold War defense.

Here I stand with 17 years of Active Duty service, re-telling his stories to my children, and sharing America's rich heritage together with you. Never Forget...

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