What's the Worst Thing About PCS'ing? "Friendship Dating"

What's the Worst Thing About PCS'ing? "Friendship Dating"

I stumbled across this article on +Military Spouse called Dreading the Friendship-Dating Scene, Again. Here's what I know and is painfully obvious to everyone in the Homo erectus family (that's humans); girls are different from boys! Whoa! Who'd have guessed?! I know, right? Ph.D. material right here. But seriously, girls relate to one another differently therefore we can't expect our spouses to run out and make new "best-ies" at the playground while we're at work. I'm writing this, of course, on the premise that "dad" is the working type and in my case Military, and "mom" is the spouse who takes care of the home. When we move/PCS we go to our new squadron, hopefully met by a sponsor, and begin in-processing, meetings, briefings, etc., and meet, LITERALLY, hundreds of new people almost daily. For us, and usually in all cases, men don't have a problem meeting new people.

A general rule of thumb I like to try and practice is let others introduce themselves to me. I am a VERY outgoing person so when I meet new people I am similar to a small dog... minus the inappropriate leg maneuvers. I'm excited to meet new people! I like people! So, making new "friends" isn't difficult. However, for my introvert wife that isn't exactly a fan of crowds or people, how does PCSing/moving help or hurt relationships? It's devastating! In a word.

For women, specifically, so much of introductions are based on perceptions where men base it on logic. Without another collegiate dissertation I can tell you this... Pace yourself! When you move from one place to another, even in-town, don't feel so distraught about "not knowing anyone". Besides, you won't even like your neighbor if you met them now anyway! With the advent of the telephone loved ones have since been only a dial-tone away. Now with internet you can +Skype family members when you really miss them. Bottom line, take your time. Let the "newness" soak in. Observe your surroundings and relax. You'll meet plenty of people in due time and hate most of them soon enough.

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