It's not love at first sight, but certainly love at first SITE...

It's not love at first sight, but certainly love at first SITE...

See what I did there? Sight... site?! While I am clever I am not this clever. Allow me to introduce +Ana White. Mother, home maker, blah blah blah, and wood-worker. You can learn more about her here but the "meat and potatoes" of her is here where she lists her free wood-working plans. It is very rare that I find someone who challenges my wood-working skills and even rarer when I discover the plans to that challenge.

MRS. (capitalized on purpose, gents) White has plans with all of the shopping lists, dimensions, and ideas you would ever need. It's truly a gold-mine of information! I have been swayed into completing the "Sweet Pea Bunk Bed" but converting it into a French Cafe for my girls. I'll post all the pictures you could ever want along the way.

The beauty of wood working projects is it is relatively easy to break-down and move when needed. We military folks can appreciate this fun-fact especially if we live in base housing! More-so if the husband is deployed while you're moving (thanks, babe!). It's also a forgiving medium to explore our creativity and cheap enough to make mistakes.

Thanks, Ana, for the wealth of information... I hope that others can get as many great ideas from you as I have!

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