What's the difference between Deployed and Displaced?

What's the difference between Deployed and Displaced?

A while back my wife left me. Yup, it's sad. Fortunately, all she did was go to her mom's place early for
#Thanksgiving . It had been five days, five loooong days, since I've had a hot meal that wasn't prepared at a drive-through. I hadn't had a hug from someone that I cared to be within 20-feet of since she left and I had begun to hate my life.

Don't call 911 or anything, I just want to take this opportunity to point out some of the more important differences in my past "displaced" status and a "deployed" state. While I'm deployed it's easy to make a schedule, plan for different "activities" or work schedules. Being home-alone however, that's an entirely different demon and it sucks!

Both scenarios require a certain amount of self-control and appropriate decision making. Before some notice and are accompanied by planning.
deployments I know that I'm going to be working a shift; typically 12 hours with hold-overs, and I have an "idea" of what those times are based on the group of guys that just got back. With that info I can plan... sleep 6 hours, gym for 2, chow on the way back, shower and dress, be at work by 0700, repeat. Some people work well on a schedule, I THRIVE on it. And it's actually quite necessary for everyone when they're deployed to maintain their sanity. Whether they realize it or not, most people operate on a schedule, they call it a routine. Of the two, deployed or displaced, deployments are easier to plan for. They typically come with

Then there's displaced. Dear God does that bite! It doesn't have a set schedule or any pre-planning to accompany it, it just happens. Don't get me wrong, I loooooove +Taco Bell but they don't serve breakfast around here and even twice a day for two weeks is a bit much. It's not that I'm lazy, I'm capable of concocting life-saving meals, but I don't have to do that anymore so I'm out of the habit. I guess you could say I'm spoiled. Anyway, being displaced leaves you in-between schedules. Literally operating on the fly! For some people this works and it's not foreign to me, I just prefer schedules. For example, when she went to Georgia early, I didn't grocery shop for "bachelor" food; sandwich meats, bread, etc. The fridge was still stocked with "meal" items; you know, things that require other items to combine with them to make things... like that game Alchemy, only with food. Like, you take cheese and have to melt it. Then cook noodles called macaroni and combine the two. WHAT? How about Ramen Noodles  and grilled cheese?! Yup! Survival. Unfortunately, there was no grilled cheese or material to make them. To be perfectly honest, if I go much further than the beer aisle at +Publix then I start to feel really weird. Kind of like that awkward feeling you get if you're in +Victoria's Secret and you're wife's in the dressing room and you're still walking around looking at stuff but no one else saw a woman with you and boom.... creeper. That's how I feel in grocery stores alone.

As you can tell by the sheer volume of words there is a huge difference between deployed and displaced. Both are built on schedules and thrive within them. However, displacement takes much more self-discipline to continue what you were doing with half of you gone. Nothing had changed except the house was quieter and I would see my wife in 5 short days. But to me that was a #GameChanger . I had to take care of myself again. Don't get me wrong, I can live under a rock, eat dirt, call in airstrikes, and hide in the shadows for days, but there-again, I'm prepared. Being displaced is one of the greatest opportunities to lose your spouses trust you may ever face. Being displaced can get you in serious trouble. Therefore, speaking as a man who has been there, survived that, let me advise you thusly... Take your 6-pack, ramen noodles and re-heated burrito, and fire up the +PlayStation. Time's-a-wastin'...


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