Even if it hurts...

Even if it hurts...

I can't imagine NOT wearing it! I've left the house without my watch on but this just felt too weird... You know the feeling, kinda nude, not exactly "right", like you showed up to school without any pants on. It's like a part of you is missing, because it is. You forgot to buckle up! On second thought, more people will "lose their minds" if they leave their phones at home (forget a watch) but fewer will buckle up.

You know you're "supposed to" but it'll wrinkle your new blouse, right? You know it'll save your life but the buckle hurts your hip; maybe another time. You have to get home because you work in the morning but you're so tired... no, you can make it, you think.

I could make pages of excuses about people who validated their behavior but that page would be shorter than their "results" page; the obituaries.  Today, according to +10 News said that a family of six was coming back from Orlando after a day of outlet shopping when, shortly after midnight, all but one, the only one in a restraint, were killed or taken by life-flight to a nearby ER. No one was wearing a seat belt and no one was in a proper booster seat except for the infant who survived. The 7 and 2 year old were airlifted and listed in critical condition.

Ever work late and just have to get home? I know the feeling; 12 hour day working in the blistering sun, 30 minute lunch, and now you have to fight everyone else to get out the gate and catch rush hour traffic home. Or maybe you swapped shifts with someone who had to take emergency leave and now you're "feeling the burn". Trust me, there aren't enough +Monster Energy drinks in the world to make it 30 minutes down the road. +MythBusters did a segment on drowsy vs drunk driving and "confirmed" it... they're the same!

The problem is that your decisions have much farther-reaching consequences than just your ultimate end. What about the truck driver that drug the family 400 feet in the news story above? What about the numerous fatal head-on and single car crashes that involve drowsy drivers? If you're unfortunate enough to require EMT or Ambulatory services at your auto accident, do you think it's fair that they have to live the rest of their days envisioning the gruesome aftermath of your ignorance?

Pay attention closely....

Take care of the gifts you've been given and buckle them up... rest your eyes... take a moment and appreciate it before it's gone. If you do not have, or are unable to afford, adequate child safety restraints then check out some of the resources on +Examiner.com at this link. Not sure how to install one? Visit your local Fire Department and ask for some help. Yes, they still do that. Finally, I know of a lot more people that got hurt because they "didn't know" and didn't ask than I do that "knew" and overcame their pride enough to ask the questions.

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