My Homeschool Post Deleted Itself... This is What You Get.

My Homeschool Post Deleted Itself... This is What You Get.

So, after several hours my auto-save function proved worthless. In my attempt to re-write the post I submit the following, which is really a super-edited version of my original:

Why We Home-school

1) No one can keep my kids safer than I can.

     +ABC15 Arizona ran an article using +Google Maps to illustrate the 120 attempted assaults thwarted in
the past 10 years. When you cross-reference that with a list of completed assaults then you may realize that you can protect your children better than anyone else. While I recognize that +Wikipedia isn't a "source", the list of references at the bottom of the list, are.

     I know that the chance of someone walking into my kid's elementary school with a gun is slim-to-none, but what isn't reported in either one of these metrics is bullying. When my daughter was in kindergarten, she was poked in her private parts by the kid next to her. While this may seem exploratory in nature and not necessarily an intentional act of violence, it was not an act of "learning". He didn't do it because he was curious and he didn't cause harm, but it wasn't a science experiment either.

2) I'm smarter than they are.
     Parents often wonder if they're smart enough to educate their child. While a typical response may be, "yes, I graduated high school", it's not the most appropriate. Florida has the lowest High School graduation rate in the nation, fortunately, I wasn't educated in Florida.

     How smart do you really have to be? That's not to encourage some parents, because I've met families that home-school that should go back to school themselves. My point is that education standards aren't getting any better. My 10-year old recently tested at a 12th grade level for reading. While I enjoy hearing her read, I shudder to think that most 12th graders can't read that well.

     We need to continue to challenge our children to excel in all areas of education. We constantly compare ourselves to China in the world market but in education fall far behind.

     As a homeschooling family I can make my curriculum whatever I want it to be as long as it meets the minimum requirements set forth for that grade. Some public school parents might argue that their son/daughter is in +AHS National Honors Society and that's great! That's certainly an achievement, especially with all the social distractions going on like +Bullying Awareness and extra-curricular activities but, is your son/daughter prepared for the future? In a post by "ologsinquito", "according to data released by ACT... 75% of incoming freshmen do not meet the criteria to succeed in four key areas - English, math, reading, and science." You would think with all the homework and studying that these honor society students have accomplished that they'd be prepared!

     A lot of parents are "afraid" to start into homeschooling. Some of them are worried that they won't receive enough socialization, others that they won't get "enough" education, and to those I say, "check out my giant picture!

3) We can do better!

     This whole experience stemmed from a post I made on my G+ from +IFL science about the UK removing creationism from it's publicly funded schools. This brought on over 220 posts in less than 24 hours. The POINT of my post was that removing creationism and still teaching evolution was, in my opinion, wrong. When you teach only ONE opinion, without a balancing counterpoint, then you support it as law. There are very few "laws" in the world. Math is composed of laws such as 2+2=4. Science has some laws, +LiveScience posts their Definition of Scientific Law.

     While it may be obvious that I support creation, that is not the intent to my opposition. I believe in many theories of evolution and teach them as well. Ultimately, on this topic, there is no definitive "answer" because scientists are still searching for it. The POINT is that I believe we should be teaching our children to think outside the box, find answers for themselves, and be open to all manner of thinking! If Ray Crock hadn't thought outside the box, you wouldn't have +McDonald's. If we limit our child's thinking process then they'll have a harder time breaking free of those limitations to challenge themselves and those around them.


     We love our children, the freedoms we partake in, the opportunities to share with others and learn from people and things around us. Homeschooling isn't for everyone, but as a military family it offers more freedoms to engage in the world around us. We're active in one of the many homeschool groups around us and my wife has a degree in Education. If you're afraid of starting out yourself, just ask! Homeschooling families range anywhere on a spectrum from crazy-to-brilliant and are more than willing to share their opinions on curriculum, involvement, and the basic day to day operation of a home AND school.

     By homeschooling we have:
- Reduced the number of physical and sexual assault to ZERO (no more bullying, no more getting poked with pencils)
- Eliminated physical AND gun violence in school (I'm the soldier, I have the guns)
- Increased educational potential by over 300% (as quantified by their testing scores)
- Significantly decreased the amount of "tardy-s" and "absences" by almost 99% (some days we just get up when we want)
- Socially engaged MORE with sports programs and peers (after school programs are crowded and the same places offer day-time classes)

     Like I've said, this is a list of WHY we home-school. My wife would be the one to talk to about the BENEFITS of homeschooling. I can tell you from experience, it's not a waste of time... investing in your children never is. And if you don't believe that homeschoolers ever do anything with their lives, here's a list of famous people that didn't seek traditional education. Not too bad for a bunch of "un-socialized weirdos", eh?

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