Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!

The Fourth of July is for celebration! A time to remember the sacrifice and bravery of our fore-fathers, as well as the commitment of our service-men and women of today. In commemoration of this event my daughter has crafted a lovely piece for those of us sophisticated enough to sport such fineries...

If you like it (it's a bowtie) then please feel free to visit her website at www.abouttheneck.com and browse around. This one is found here.....

For those who may be un-educated I offer the following from +USA.gov, some facts and history of America's Favorite Holiday. In remembrance and observance of this joyous holiday we must remember some important safety facts.

1. Stay Hydrated!

If you're anything like me, you like to enjoy holidays with as much pomp and circumstance as the situation can afford! For me and mine, this means the great outdoors. If you're fortunate to be able to enjoy some outdoor fun this weekend, remember to watch out for one another, and yourself. Even if you plan on partaking in adult-beverages, we must remember how important water is to our body!

The +Mayo Clinic lists the symptoms and treatment of dehydration and I provide for your viewing pleasure the "How Dehydrated Am I?" urine chart...

The Family Health Freedom Network recently ran an article on a woman from the UK who decided to challenge herself by moderating her intake to a healthy dose and just check out what happened!

2. Car Safety

+USA TODAY boasts that "road travel will be up" this Fourth of July so follow this simple list to make traveling easier, especially with family:
- Plan ahead; no amount of preparation is wasted when your family's safety relies on it. Kick the tires, pack the night before, fill up at the pump before you get on the road, and anything else that can wait for tomorrow but doesn't have to.
- Pack like it's going to be YOU in the back seat; +MomsMinivan is a great resource for things for your children to do/occupy themselves with while stranded two rows back. Being that we just purchased a fancy, new Honda Odyssey from +Brandon Honda, we're quite savvy to these tips ourselves.
- Check the traffic and weather; you're going out in it, you might want to check on it! Ever walk out the front door straight into a rain storm? Same effect, open a window and make an educated decision on your traveling environment.

Road safety isn't the only thing you should worry about. For some reason there seems to be a rash of incidents involving child deaths in vehicles lately.

Don't think that a quick trip into the convenience store is an excuse to leave your kids in the car! The Department of Earth and Climate Sciences at San Francisco State University have compiled an extensive list of resources to include the number of deaths as well as resources to avoid this untimely circumstance.

3. Grilling Safety

Finally, grill safety tops my personal list of safety reminders. It's a common point of contention among men as to whether propane grilling is an "acceptable" method or not. Most men prefer the charcoal grill and even more prefer to drag their fresh kill, flesh and all, to the nearest hole in the ground and char it... well, cavemen do anyway. The +National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has some tips for those of us lucky enough to enjoy the sunny weather and urges everyone to pay particular attention to the dangers of propane grilling. And since I know that everyone loves shiny pictures... here's a nice one about not giving your family food poisoning...

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