Stay Tuned!!!

Stay Tuned!!!

Make sure to like/follow my page for an upcoming series of topics which will include:

  • Spirituality/Faith
    • Discovering, defending, and exercising your faith.
      • Why I am/am not a Christian?
      • What are your commitments?
    • Tithing
    • Worship
  • Finances
    • How do we teach our children to develop good money-habits?
    • How to teach our younger, non-bank-account-holding-age children to practice good spending habits.
  • Friendships/Relationships
    • What are they?
    • What is a "healthy" relationship?
    • Why are relationships important?
Spirituality and Faith are the first of topics I will cover and briefly, without regard to specific religion, discuss some of the factors within society that draw people to a faith. We will also talk about the importance of some of the challenges of various faiths and overcoming those constraints.
Secondly, we'll talk about finances and how we can teach our children to develop good money-habits. We'll also look at ways we can teach our younger children (non-bank account holding age) how to save and "grow" money. We'll use a lot of +Dave Ramsey references here and specifically +Financial Peace University to examine this topic.

Finally we'll look intensely at relationships from the child's perspective and understand why it is so important to develop healthy relationships. We'll also define a healthy relationship wherein you may discover that your own relationship could use some examining, too. 

I hope you'll "like" my page and "follow me" from here as we investigate some of these topics as they are "Taboo" to a lot of people, and maybe you're unsure on how to approach these topics in children.


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