Back to School....

Back to School....

Before I get too far into this I had to share this...+The Holderness Family . really outdid themselves with this one.

So it's back to school time and for us, a homeschooling family of four, that can be very different... but not this year! We decided to put all four of our children in school which has turned out to be quite a blessing. The oldest was accepted to a Baccalaureate-prep school while the three younger were accepted to a Charter school nearby. Yea, us! Then there are the typical fears that go along with public schools that we've already seen in the news; how do you avoid that?

The most prevalent fears from students though is bullying, in all forms, whether it be because you don't have the newest Pokemon cards or you just dressed funny. I posted two separate articles on the subject back in August of 2013 and again in September of 2013. I encourage you to check them both out as they have some excellent resources. I think it's safe to say "If you see something, say something!" Often times people, not just children, feel powerless about something that's going on because they don't believe they can stop it. Someone can! But you have to say something first. There's a huge anti-terrorism campaign run by the +U.S. Department of Homeland Security that revolves around this slogan as well. I would encourage anyone to use it when they see something happening. 

Parents may wonder "what to do while the kids are in school?+Circle of Moms answered this question recently. The most popular answer was, "ME time", and I can't blame you. The next most popular answer was "volunteering at their child's school" which is practically going to be my wife's second job! The charter school our younger three attend requires 20 hours of volunteer service PER child PER year. That's not really colossal when you say "60 hours a year", but remember that a school year isn't that long and most part-time jobs are 40 hours a week, to put it in perspective. It looks like public school will keep us busier than homeschooling! But isn't that the fun part?

Finally, the first time-ers... you know who you are! The one in the drop-off line that is crying, holding and hugging, and keeping the rest of traffic backed up almost a mile down the road because you just now realized that your child is going to be gone for 8 hours of your day for the first time in their lives and it just occurred to you! Our youngest started Kindergarten this year and I didn't get to drop him off, mom did. But I shared that moment through pictures and Google+ posts and honestly, probably got the better end of it. I wasn't chasing children around, brushing hair, etc. I got to enjoy the moment through photos. But... mom walked them to school and saw them off so she could sob on the way home. Thoughtful mom... They all did great though!

I just wanted to share this video with you and maybe add some advice to your already hectic day and hopefully you can encourage or support someone you know with the tips found here. Be safe out there!

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