My "heavily-labored" Labor Day creation

My "heavily-labored" Labor Day creation

A friend of mine had asked about making a giant shoebox. At first I thought he was mocking the idea, then realized that he was willing to pay in American-Currency, not Monopoly money.

After watching the video from +Glass Impressions I started Googling the plans. There, of course, were plenty of plans and all for around $25. I found these plans from +Mario Cappellano at I wound up modifying them as I went, tweaking here and there and came up with this....

This is the single-drawer option from his plans. It's 40x28x19, closed. I used a dark ebony stain and 2 coats of urethane.

When opened, the slide-out drawer leaves room for at least 6 pairs of shoes on the bottom and 6 more on the deck.

As I said, I used the PDF plans from TheWoodFather and made minor corrections. All the cuts are the correct dimensions and I used 3/8 plywood, 2 whole sheets. The plans called for a sheet and one-half of plywood,

The plywood was $15 per sheet, $8 for drawer sliders, $10 for a 48" piano hinge, and about $10 for a small jar of indoor urethane. It took me all Labor Day Weekend, minus the occasional Florida-rain, to finish it. All in all, I was into it for around $60 plus minor hardware. I used a 1" staple gun and the occasional screw on the corners to suck the joints together nice and tight.

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