Why Being a Dad in America is so Great
What makes me the "Great American Dad"? Well, I'm pretty much amazing! I joined the +United States Air Force on the day of my 18th birthday, worked on +Lockheed Martin C-5 Galaxy, and then Japan to work on C-17, C-141, KC-10, and KC-135 aircraft. That's where I met my wife. I went all the way to Japan for an American woman, from LA and everything!

We came to Georgia where I worked on C-130 aircraft and she gave me four healthy babies. Fair trade, right? We spent several years in south Georgia where I began seriously pursuing my bachelor's degree from +Liberty University and finally received it in October of 2012. I want to be a psychologist and work with our returning veterans after I retire.

So why am I here? Why do I have a dot-com? No less than once a week someone I cross paths with asks me "how I do it?" Sometimes they're referring to the way that I manage co-workers and why my fellow Airmen want to work for me. Other times they're wondering how I am so involved with things and manage to keep it together. Well, this is how you'll find out. Honestly it's all about time management but what you do with your time is important, too.

I was raised with positive, Christian role models that demonstrated appropriate and acceptable social and moral behavior. (Yup, a psychologist at heart) My Uncle instilled me with a love for the Lord, my Grandfather made sure I had a work ethic, knew my ancestry, and loved my country, and my Mother made sure that I was surrounded by people that would continue to build and further develop me in these areas.

That meant that when I was a rebellious and completely retarded on-my-own 18-year old that "when I was old" I wouldn't stray far from where I was supposed to be. So what does an "accomplished 30-something year old with a wife of over a decade, four children (two boys and two girls), my dream-dog Heidi-the-Weimi (Weimaraner), going on 17 years of Active Duty service, livin' the dream", do?

  • I own my own business (Fox 3, Inc)
  • I'm an active member of my town's VFW
  • I volunteer with the Wounded Warrior Project locally
  • I'm the Cub Master for my son's Cub Scout Pack
  • I'm a member in good standing with my +Holyrood Lodge #257, F. & A. M.
  • I'm a national competitor in Scottish Highland Athletics
  • And when I can find someone that's a big enough sucker to watch the kids I take my wife out on dates!
  • Oh, yes. I blog, too.


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