Why Being a Dad in America is so Great
If you're interested in some of my outdoor furniture, check out my selection below and contact me for shipping and pricing info.

These Punisher chairs are $200 each and have an ebony stain and sealed with Helmsman's before being assembled. They come with over-sized 6" arms and right or left-hand cup holders. Each joint is reinforced with glue and given the once over with sealer after final assembly to ensure a 5-year shine!

These Punisher chairs are $150 each and come with over-sized 6" arm-rests with R/L-handed cup holders. The back is painted with Rustoleum outdoor paint and the bottom is Miniwax stain+sealer. All joints are glued and the entire chair is covered in 2 coats of Helmsman's outdoor sealer.

These naturally finished beauties are $100 each. They have standard 4" arms and are coated with no less than 5 coats of Helmsman's Outdoor Urethane.

These team-chairs are $100 each and feature standard-4" arms and Rustoleum outdoor paint. Logos are vinyl decals and the entire chair is sealed under 2 coats of Helmsman's outdoor sealer.

If you're a Star Wars fan then these chairs are for you! These are children's sized chairs and fit youth up to 12 years old. They are $60 and are hand-painted. The Darth Vader is a vinyl decal and is sealed in Helmsman's outdoor sealer. The "Chewbacca" chair, missing it's bandolier, is $80 and is covered in a hand sewn feaux-fur cloth. Each slat is encased in the fur-sleeve.


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